Established 27 March 2002
The Aim of the Foundation The aim of the Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation is to provide financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to overseas students from Asia who are faithful to their principles and good academic achievers but who are experiencing difficulties in continuing their studies in Japan due to economic hardship. In this way, the scholarship program promotes friendly international relations among the countries of Asia and between Asia and Japan while also contributing to human resources development in those countries.
Operations Scholarship Program, Scholarship students are invited to attend several events each year designed to provide opportunities for promoting exchange and helping students with general advice and guidance on living in Japan.
Property \30,830,000,000(As of the end of March 2016)
Competent Authority Cabinet Office
Address 〒541-0045
Osaka Office 4-10, 4-chome, Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0045 Japan
Phone: +81-6-6203-0830  Fax: +81-6-6222-0079


Lists of Offcers


Kazumasa Kobayashi / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.
Hiroko Kobayashi / Representative director, Ohtori Limited Liability Company
Managing Director
Shigeru Torigai / Ex-Director, Student Affairs Department, The University of Tokyo
Katsuhisa Ezaki / President & CEO, EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD.
Shingo Ogawa / President, Japan Foundation For Environmental Health Sciences
Tsuneaki Kawamura / Adviser, The Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments / Ex-Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
Haruhiko Kikuchi / President, Kobe City Hospital Organization
Akira Ishida / Certified Public Accountant
Hiroko Namura / Attorney At Law, Toranomon Chuo Law Firm Osaka Office Manager
Yutaka Kobayashi / Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.
Takeo Kimoto / President, FMI Corporation
Junji koizumi / Auditor, National Institutes for the Humanities(Inter-University Research Institute Corporation) / Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Akihiro Kobayashi / President and Chief Operating Officer, KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.
Sachiko Takeda / Professor, Otemon Gakuin University
Masao Homma / Executive Director, Baiko Gakuin
Teruhiko Mori / President, TAMPEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.
Takashi Morishita / General Director, Japan Foundation For Health Sciences
Takao Yamada / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TCD Corporation
Satoshi Yamane / Senior Managing Director, KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.
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